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Our Pricing

Our Pricing

What’s Included in That Price?

The price of a flu shot clinic is typically represented by a “per shot” price times the number of anticipated participants.  This “per shot” price consists of the cost of the vaccine plus several other expenses, responsibilities and liabilities Midland Health assumes to conduct on-site flu shot clinics.  Below is an overview of what we do that’s factored into our pricing.


Stay Informed

  • Monitor and understand federally governed flu virus vaccination guidelines
  • Keep current on flu related public health and safety
  • Participate in continuing education
  • Attend national conferences and workshops


Build, Train Manage and Maintain a Solid TeamBuild, Train, Manage and Maintain a Solid Team

  • Recruit and train a talented, dedicated team of professionals who are held to the highest standards to provide our clients with the best experience and successful flu shot clinics
  • Develop and implement rigorous training programs for clinicians to ensure they administer vaccinations per stringent government standards



Establish Quality Standards, Processes and ProceduresEstablish Quality Standards, Processes and Procedures

  • Create policies and procedures that meet federal safety guidelines
  • Establish high quality of service standards and ensure they are met
  • Develop processes that consistently minimize the amount of time, effort and resources our clients spend when hosting an on-site flu shot clinic


Provide Client Support

  • Assign an experienced Midland Health Flu Shot Clinic Planner to each client
  • Develop promotional materials clients can customize and use to onboard employees to participate in their on-site flu shot clinic
  • Provide clients with options and customized support depending on their unique needs



Invets in TechnologyInvest in Technology

  • Develop and maintain online tools, like our online scheduler, to make the program as efficient and seamless as possible for our clients and their employees
  • Maintain online security


Plan and Manage Logistics

  • Develop processes to ensure the on-site clinic will be successful
  • Plan and manage all logistics associated with clinicians, vaccines and other materials in the field



Procurement, Storage and Handling

Procurement, Storage and Handling

  • Research and select quality, federally approved vaccination providers
  • Estimate annual volume and the number of flu vaccinations to procure
  • Procure and properly store and handle flu vaccinations per federal safety guidelines



  • Develop and conduct surveys to monitor customer satisfaction to determine if service standards are being met or exceeding expectations. We use feedback to constantly improve our processes to better meet our customers’ needs. 


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