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How to Successfully Host a Corporate Flu Shot Clinic

How to Successfully Host a Corporate Flu Shot Clinic

It is in the best interests of your company to host an on-site Corporate Flu Clinic. Corporate Wellness focus has turned to COVID-19 for the past 18 months but the flu will rebound this year and you need to be prepared before the flu season hits.

Flu Shots are critical in the workplace

The CDC estimates that employees in the U.S. miss 17 million workdays in a typical year due to flu-related illnesses. This results in an estimated cost of $7 billion in sick day pay and lost productivity.

As an employer, when you host an on-site flu shot clinic, you are not only investing in the health and wellbeing of your employees, you are preventing the need to leave work to get the shot as well as preventing sick days caused by the flu. On-site flu clinics have been proven to reduce absenteeism and decrease lost productivity due to illness.

Tips to successfully host an on-site corporate flu shot clinic

To ensure you host a successful on-site Corporate Flu Clinic, follow these recommendations:

  • Emphasize the importance of getting the flu shot. Through your company’s wellness program, explain how transmissible the flu is through the workplace and how strongly the vaccine can protect against transmission. Use all tools at your disposal, such as company newsletters, e-mail blasts, bulletin boards and in meeting discussions.

  • Plan ahead. Be sure to start your flu communications early and plan your on-site flu shot clinic well in advance of flu season. Flu season typically begins around mid-October and the vaccine takes up to two weeks to be fully effective. Prepare accordingly.

  • Hire an experienced provider. When it comes to health matters, you want to go with experts who have proven experience, effective results and who know the logistics required to make your clinic a success. Do your research and hire an experienced on-site flu clinic provider.

  • Get Senior Management involved. Senior Management should be engaged in the promotion of the flu clinic. They should be sure to make the time to attend the flu clinic as well. When employees see their management participate, they are more likely to follow suit.

  • Remember families. Impress upon employees that getting the flu shot protects not only them but their fellow coworkers, families and community. Remind employees that getting vaccinated against flu helps to keep space in hospitals for scheduled surgeries and other pressing health conditions that matter to your family. Where possible, you may want to consider inviting employees’ family members to also use your on-site flu shot clinic. The more people vaccinated, the better protected the workplace.

  • Set goals for your employees. Create inter-departmental challenges to see who gets the best protection, make it a game, offer incentives and be sure to appreciate your employees for investing in the overall good health of your workplace.

  • Pay attention to timing. Make sure your flu clinic occurs at a time when the majority of your staff are available. Do not schedule at a time where company-wide events are taking place, budgets are due, major meetings are happening, etc. Remember to advertise the fact that individual appointments are short and should not interfere with the workday schedule.

  • Make it a Wellness event! Consider turning your on-site flu clinic into a Wellness event, including biometric screenings, lunch and learn events or even partnering the clinic with a Wellness Fair. Studies show that investing in your employees’ well-being improves workplace attendance, productivity and retention.

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The flu is the ninth leading cause of death in the United States. Getting your flu shot remains your best source of protection against the flu. With summer coming to an end, the time is here to schedule your Corporate Flu Clinic and start promoting it in your workplace.